Public Policy

The Chamber SWLA membership will be kept up to date on all matters impacting our region at local, state and federal levels.

The Chamber SWLA is a non-partisan organization that supports legislation based upon the following criteria:
  • Benefits the overall needs of the economy in SWLA
  • Benefits the business community at large
  • Upholds responsible government & pro-business legislation
Currently, we are advocating for the passing of Constitutional Amendment #1.

Here is an article we recently wrote for the American Press: 

"Voters will have the opportunity to decide on a constitutional amendment that would support business interest that lead to more jobs while protecting all of the state’s taxpayers.

Constitutional amendment #1 will be decided on October 14th.

The Chamber Southwest Louisiana’s board of directors unanimously approved supporting the measure in August.

Voters are being encouraged to vote yes on Amendment 1.

'Constitutional Amendment #1 prohibits the assessment of property taxes on any project while it is under construction. Only when construction of a house, building or facility is completed and ready for its intended use should the local assessor place the property on the tax rolls,' states a flyer, published by Louisiana Taxpayer Protection PAC. 'This has been the established practice in Louisiana for decades, yet the exemption is not clearly spelled out in the Constitution. In 2016, one parish threatened to tax a major project while it was still under construction.'


If the amendment does not pass, citizens and businesses would be taxed on construction of homes, barns and other structures.


'Constitutional Amendment #1 provides certainty to every business seeking to invest money and create jobs in Louisiana by ensuring it is not targeted with a new, arbitrary and unexpected property tax bill,' states Taxpayer Protection.


Voters need to know that the Constitutional Amendment #1, 'does not take any revenue away from local governments. Construction projects have not been taxed in the past and this amendment will prevent them from being taxed in the future,' states Taxpayer Protection."

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