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The Leader In Me


The Leader in Me is a process for teaching students personal leadership and 21st century life skills, such as goal setting, time management, teamwork, problem solving, respecting diversity, and life balance. The process:

· develops the "whole child” and sees each child as having unique gifts

· is founded on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and other proven leadership principles and tools

· creates a sustainable, safe-and-friendly school culture

· provides world-class professional development for teachers and administrators

· increases parents' satisfaction and involvement

· is implemented in a way that teachers do not see it as "one more thing,” but as a better way of doing what they were already doing

· impacts students of diverse backgrounds, regardless of race, intelligence, or economic upbringing.

"The Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance has facilitated partnerships between businesses and schools in our five-parish region to populate Leader schools in Southwest Louisiana. Incorporating The Leader in Me process into our school systems will develop the fundamental workforce to sustain the region. Introducing this method to students in Pre-K and the continued usage of the process throughout the students' education will develop individual capacity to determine personal potential. The mind-set of the entire community can be changed through education. The knowledge gained through The Leader in Me will allow Southwest Louisiana residents to meet the needs of our children and – over time – those of our workforce,” said Nancy Kelley, Workforce & Talent Director for the SWLA Economic Development Alliance.
Currently, The Leader in Me is in the following schools:
  • Dolby Elementary - Sponsored by the Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance
  • Oak Park Elementary - Sponsored by the City of Lake Charles
  • Barbe Elementary - Sponsored by Stockwell Sievert Law Firm and theI AM A LEADER Foundation
  • J.D. Clifton Elementary- Sponsored by The United Way and the I AM A LEADER Foundation
  • W.T. Henning Elementary - Sponsored by PPG Industries, Lonza and the I AM A LEADER Foundation
  • Merryville Elementary - Sponsored by Nissan of Lake Charlesand Highway 171 Nissan of DeRidder
  • T.S. Cooley Elementary - Sponsored by Nissan of Lake Charles and Highway 171 Nissan of DeRidder
  • Fairview Elementary - Sponsored byNissan of Lake Charlesand Highway 171 Nissan of DeRidder
  • Maplewood Elementary - Sponsored by the Junior League of Lake Charles
  • College Oaks Elementary - Sponsored by I AM A LEADER Foundation and The United Way
There are nearly 1135 schools worldwide in The Leader In Me process.

For more information about the program of if you are interested in contributing to the Alliance's Campaign to improve Southwest Louisiana, including The Leader In Me, contact Avon Knowlton or 337-433-3632.


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