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DiSC Program

For over 30 years DiSC has been used to transform individuals, teams and organizations. It is used to help over 40 million people develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships, discover their full potential and realize greater success.
DiSC is used with managers, leaders, business people, entrepreneurs and persons from all walks of life. Our management/leadership/work styles are influenced by many factors such as life experiences, education, maturity, and priorities.

DiSC Workplace

  • Learn about the DiSC model and the Everything DiSC Workplace Map.
  • Identify your style and explore the priorities that drive you during your workday.
  • Discover the similiaries and differences among the DiSC styles.
  • Use the DiSC model to understand the people you work with.
  • Practice using DiSC to build more effective relationships.
Participants learn about their DiSC styles, how their priorities influence their actions, and what motivates and stresses them.

DiSC Work of Leaders

  • Learn about the DiSC model and how it informs the role of leader.
  • Participants learn about the Work of Leaders process and how their DiSC style influences their approach to Vision, Alignment, and Execution.
  • Learn the three drivers of crafting a vision the three drivers of alignment and the three drivers of execution.
  • Discover how you approach each driver of vision, alignment and execution.
  • Learn about your strengths and challenges in the Work of Leaders process.

The session concludes with a structural overview of the Work of Leaders process.


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