Fusion Five: Young Professionals

Who can be a Fusion Five Member?

You! Membership in Fusion Five will be open to all young professionals (ages 21-45) upon approval of membership application and payment of dues.  Click here for a copy of the application.


What is Fusion Five?

Fusion Five cultivates a positive impact on Southwest Louisiana by connecting and engaging young professionals in regional opportunities for growth and development. We have partnered with the Chamber SWLA to fill the need for a Young Professional Organization (YPO) in the region. All across America, YPOs are running entrepreneurial projects, increasing awareness, and providing young professionals a voice in their community.  Fusion Five will commit its energy towards making Southwest Louisiana a better place to live and work!
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How much time do I have to commit?

One of the best ways to be affective is to be informed, and we want to be involved.


How much does it cost to join Fusion Five?

Submit the application and $75.00 for one year of membership dues. Payment must accompany application; however, it does not guarantee membership.


Who can attend Fusion Five events?

Visitors and guests are welcome at all Fusion Five events. There may be an extra fee for guests to participate in some events. For example, there may be a nominal fee of $15 to attend a Lunch with a keynote speaker.


How do we give back to our Fusion Five members?

         A portion of your Fusion Five dues goes to pay for a part or all of our many networking events.

        Once membership is established, you will receive a membership directory and Fusion Five Certificate.

         Opportunity to attend many networking functions and participate on committees


What are the benefits of Fusion Five memberships?

1.  Aligning with area professionals and non-profit organizations that share our mission and vision for SWLA

2.  Leadership development through active participation

3.  The opportunity to help to improve the community

4.  Knowledge of public affairs and community problems

5.  An opportunity to become a community leader

6.  Fellowship, on an individual and family basis

7. Opportunity to have a voice in the affairs of the Nation, State and community

Friends of Fusion Five:
Advanced Audio Video Technologies
J. Walker & Co.
Iberia Bank
Lake City Printing




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